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3 easy tips to help your posture today

1.  Get your mid back loosened up!

A stiff mid-back can make breathing and standing up tall more difficult.  It adds strain to your low back and may place you head in a forward position straining your neck as well.  Here is a demonstration of how to use a foam roll to loosen up your mid-back.  

2. Stretch your legs! 

Your leg muscles attach to your pelvis and affect its position when you’re standing.  Imbalance in these muscles can place extra strain and compensation in your back due to the position of the pelvis.  Here is a demonstration of a mobilization for the back of your legs.

3.  Take some deep breaths into your ribs!

Every day postures like sitting and screen use can leave us with decreased ability to take a good deep breath in and can create increased pressure down into our belly, pushing our gut out even when we’re standing.  Many people try sucking in their tummy to counter act this, but a better option is to train your rib cage to work better with breathing!

Trying to improve your posture can feel like a daunting or futile task.  But taking small steps consistently can make big changes over time and is so worth it!  If you try any of these, let me know how it goes in the comments or send me a message!


Taylor McNair

West Physiotherapy

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