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Functional Manual Therapy

If you’ve tried traditional physical therapy and were treated without the resolution or relief you were looking for — then Functional Manual Therapy at West Physiotherapy is the perfect solution for you.

To understand more about what Functional Manual Therapy is and how West Physiotherapy can help you, keep reading to find out.

We know how frustrating it can be to live life in pain.

Whether it be back pain, neck pain, or hip pain — it’s limiting you from living life to the fullest, causing you to miss out on your favorite activities and put your desired active lifestyle to the side. 

That’s why we want to help. 

You’re here because all of the ways you tried to reduce the pain have not worked. You’re looking for a natural solution that allows you to feel like yourself again – without using invasive treatment methods. 

At West Physiotherapy, we can help you through the use of Functional Manual Therapy. 

Functional Manual Therapy
What Is It & Who Does It Help?

With other PT clinics, you haven’t found the results you were looking for. Maybe you made an appointment and all they did was give you a few stretches to try at home and sent you on your way. 

We’re better than that. 

At West Physiotherapy, we work with you. We want to make sure that you’re making the progress needed to feel like yourself again — and we can help you do that through Functional Manual Therapy. 

Functional Manual Therapy is a specialized, hands-on technique and approach to movement and treating pain that looks at how the body functions as a whole. 

Through Functional Manual Therapy, we focus on helping patients improve and maximize the body’s mechanical capacity, neuromuscular control (strength and coordination), and motor control (your mobility & the way you move when participating in physical activities). 

Functional Manual Therapy stands out from other treatments in the way that it gets to the root of your pain problem – which you might not be used to with other treatments. We dive deeper into the pain problem, providing real solutions that allow you to feel like yourself again – restored and confident. Being able to get to the root cause of your pain problem allows us to treat you properly and efficiently. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Functional Manual Therapy at West Physiotherapy, be sure to ask us about our availability by clicking the button below!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: It depends on how long the problem has been there, how you respond to therapy, and how quickly you want to get better. We work with each person to find the best plan to solve the problem with sensitivity to your time and financial commitments.