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How can Physical Therapy help with Leaking?

Physical therapy can address many of the underlying causes of leaking urine (both stress and urge).

A number of things play a role in this including your posture, coordination, and strength of a variety of muscles, as well as behavior patterns and habits!

Your physical therapist can assess all of these contributing factors and then make a personalized plan for you. This plan may include a number of aspects like strengthening, stretching, bladder training, even meditation and relaxation techniques. You may also benefit from hands on manual techniques to improve your spinal posture and hip mobility.

When you’re experiencing a problem like leaking it can seem confusing and over-whelming, but getting the right help and guidance to understand the problem and the steps to take can make all the difference. At West Physiotherapy in Asheville, we also incorporate Low Pressure Fitness as another option for improving leaking.


Taylor McNair

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