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Erica B.

I came to Taylor a month after a running injury with knee pain. She helped me set up a plan and integrate exercises and stretches that helped heal. I especially appreciated her whole body approach- looking at all aspects of my lifestyle. Taylor is extremely knowledgable and intuitive, asks great questions, and I always left feeling like a gained more than I walked in with. Thanks to her, I’m back up and running again!

Marcia W.

I am very grateful to have met and been able to work with Taylor at West Physiotherapy after struggling for several years with knee pain that was preventing me from doing the things I love.

Kelly Z.

Taylor goes above & beyond! After going to a clinic for 12 visits, chiropractors & massage therapists, I thought hip replacement surgery was my only answer to my hip osteoarthritis. After several treatments & guidance from Taylor, my hip pain doesn’t run my life. I’m working towards building my cardio endurance again! I trust her knowledge & experience. I got lucky when I found Taylor!

Lindsey D.

I had knee surgery for a torn ACL and meniscus in July 2019, and have basically had issues ever since. I’ve gone back and forth of feeling hopeless and hopeful. I wasn’t feeling satisfied with other PT’s I was seeing and someone had mentioned Taylor to me. I have NEVER had a PT be so thorough and curious about my knee. I loved the quiet, 1-on-1 aspect and not being in a loud open space with other patients. Taylor has helped me feel hopeful again in my journey to healing. If you haven’t had success with previous PT’s (especially in the insurance-based model), I highly highly recommend seeing Taylor!

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